Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fix Yum Update Duplicate Packages Issue

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First install yum utils if it's not installed
yum install yum-utils

1- Second, start with
yum update

2- If that doesn't work, try
yum clean all
yum update

3- If the above doesn't work, try the below:
yum update --skip-broken

Friday, August 14, 2015

Bash Script to Benchmark A Linux Server

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Whether you're using Linux on a VPS, dedicated server, laptop or desktop pc, this script will benchmark the hardware. It is written in BASH and will benchmark the CPU, memory, hard disk speed and internet connection speed.
1- CPU: The CPU Model, frequency, number of cores and cache size will be tested
2- Memory: The total amount of memory (RAM) and swap will be displayed
3- System: The server uptime will be displayed
4- Hard Disk speed: The Input/Output speed of the harddisk will be tested, and the total available disk space will be displayed.
5- The server's internet connection will be tested by downloading files across the globe, starting from USA to Europe to Asia. 
Note: A total of 1GB of data will be downloaded during execution