About Etienne Rached

Etienne Rached is a software developer. Driven by his curiosity, he started learning C++ at the age of sixteen to create computer programs and games.
Etienne received his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science in 2008 and Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science in 2013 from the American University of Science and Technology.
He is currently working as a Lead PHP Developer at the leading eCommerce company in Lebanon, and focused on developing new eCommerce and social media technologies, creating secure applications and reducing the risk of human errors to provide accurate record.
Etienne has contributed to several repositories and websites in different programming languages, such as .NET (mostly C#), PHP and Bash. Most of the projects can be found on GitHub, CodeProject and WordPress. In addition, he is experienced with JavaME, Assembly x86, C, C++ and LISP.

You can find Etienne on Twitter.