Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to disable adblock plus for one specific website

Adblock Plus is a firefox (and chrome) add-on or extension that allow users to block some page elements, like advertisements for example, from being displayed on the webpage.

Adblock Plus is very useful to block advertisements, unwanted popups and some tracking java script files.

However sometimes you might want to disable or unblock a website, or part of a website.

To unblock a website, simply click on the ABP icon 

Adblock Plus ABP

Then select "Disable on..." (example, Disable on")

adblock plus disable website 

If you can't see the ABP button, you can do it from tools => Adblock Plus => Disable on

adblock plus disable website 

If you can't see  the "tools", simply click ALT key on your keyboard.

If you want to unblock a part of the website, choose  "Open blockable Items".

adblock plus blockable items 

And you will see in red all the blocked items, such as facebook ads in this example
adblock plus blockable items

To unblock an item, right click the red line and choose disable filter, then reload the page.

adblock plus disable blockable items 

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