Is @[4:0] Mark Zuckerberg’s undercover code?

It seems that the below picture with some code [4:0] is wide-spreading all over facebook.


@[4:0] Mark Zuckerberg

If you try and type @[4:0] in any comment box in facebook, the name “Mark Zuckerberg” will appear.

How cool is that, I tried it and it works!

The reason behind this is, every user on facebook has an ID, and it seems that ID number 4 is for Mark Zuckerberg,

You can find out in here:

or let’s try @[5:0] or, it will display Chris Hughes, which is another founder of facebook.

It seems that the first number “4” in “Mark Zuckerberg” case, is the facebook profile ID, however it seems that the 2nd number is useless, or at least I’m still unable to figure it out.

I tried few combinations such as:

All of them returned the same value… Mark Zuckerberg

If you know what the second number is for, please leave a comment and let us know 🙂

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